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Select the loan amount

Use the slider/cursors to select your loan amount to be borrowed. You can select funds of $200 – $5000.

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Fill in an easy and quick loan form

You'll have to provide some personal info such as your home address and employment details. We will also require your bank details so your lender transfer the funds directly into your account.

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Submit your form via a secure line

Rest assured, all sensitive data transmitted between your browser and pfiLOANS uses 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

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One final step

Upon completing the application, wait less than a minute as we match you to a vast network of reputable lenders. Once approved your loan agreement form will be displayed to you where you can check everything over to make sure that you are comfortable with everything. Once you have looked through your loan agreement form you still have the option to accept or reject our loan offer at this point

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Check your bank balance

After you have reviewed and accepted your loan agreement form, your lender will transfer the funds directly into your bank account

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Stress free!

Kick back and relax. You do not have to rush to the bank or the nearest computer to do payments. On the due date, the lender can automatically debit your bank account after you get paid

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Why pfiLOANS

Because who wants to go into a store, wait in line, and fill out tons of paperwork. At pfiLOANS you can submit your info online and receive the funds as soon as next business day. Our service is FREE and will not affect your credit score.

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ONLINE PROCESS: $200 to $5,000 in 3 Minute

Why use pfiLOANS reason 2

FAST DECISION: Emergency cash when you need it

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Why use pfiLOANS reason 4

BAD CREDIT OK - All Credit Welcome, No FICO score check

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Our Advantages


pfiLOANS allows customers to request up to $5,000 - regardless of their credit history. The process is simple & can assist you getting the funds you need as soon as next business day.

One application for multiple lenders: This can tremendously save you a lot of time looking for a lender. The application will ask all the necessary questions, and it will be forwarded to multiple lenders all at once.

Bad credit doesn’t matter: Your credit score is only small part of the loan approval process. Decisions are based on various criteria, and each lender is always different than the other. Things they can look for can be: your income, how long have you been employed, martial status, education, and etc. If you have an income source, you are almost always approved.

More lender choices: Since multiple lenders all get your application the same way, they will often try to compete and offer better rate than other competitors. At the end of the application, if you don’t like the terms of a loan, you can say no. Other lenders will be waiting to give you their money.